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Hourly Earthquake Prediction 72 Hrs - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Current Period - Europe and Africa

Hourly earthquake forecast for Europe for today and tomorrow - this is derived from relative acceleration of sun and moon compared with observer location at Rome, Italy. The vector sum of acceleration is correlated with previous events for the past 38 years (period of records available from USGS since 1973). The countries covered by this forecast include those in Europe and Africa - such as UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Red Sea, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Tanzania, Congo, S Africa and others. To date the forecast does not have any way of assessing strengths - other than reference to the past events - the locations of possible events - appear to be not so accurate as forecasts in Asia and America - possibly because events are less tectonic in nature. However the forecast should act as an indicator of possible events - within a few days (and sometimes a few hours). The table should be viewed in conjunction with the lunar calendar for Europe which is derived from the location of sun and moon relative to observer in Rome at zero hrs GMT on each day